The way a garage turned into a great company

Founded in 1998, Mirapack has its headquarters and manufacturing facility in Mira, district of Coimbra, Portugal. The company was born through the vision and commitment of its founder Maria Clara dos Santos Menacho, who started the manufacturing and marketing of plastic and cardboard packaging solutions in her residence, before expanding the business into a society and moving to new and bigger facilities.

Paper bags, rigid cardboard boxes and plastic bags are just some of the items in which consists our portfolio, with the excellent quality-price ratio of Mirapack being its main brand image, associated with a high level of service and customer support.

História Mirapack
CEO Mirapack

A message from our CEO:

“I’m very proud of the thing I’ve achieved”

As we approach 20 years of history, Mirapack continues to increasingly assert itself as a reference company in the packaging industry.

Long and gone are the times I`ve been alone, selling plastic bags door-to-door from the garage of my house, where I had to do white collar duty, make sales and transport deliveries. The years have passed, Mirapack has grown, but my entrepreneurial spirit remains and, along with our team, I intend to continue to lead this company as far as possible.

I am proud of our history, but my feet are firmly on the ground, and I know that only with creativity, innovation and seeing opportunities in every challenge that arises, will Mirapack continue to strengthen its position as a trusted brand among our customers.
We count on all our employees and customers to grow together. If we all row together to the same side, we will become an increasingly dynamic and international company, without ever forgetting our roots, that fill us with pride: from little we built much, and the weak became strong.

Maria Clara dos Santos Menacho


An increasingly global presence.

Human Resources


Mirapack asserts itself for the quality and innovation of its products and service, always combined with a responsible environmental policy.

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